Free Name Tags

On Saturday, September 3rd, from 3:00pm to 8:00pm, ProjectHola! volunteers will be distributing free name tags to anyone and everyone at, around or anywhere near El Jardín, the main plaza, San Miguel de Allende.

Free Name Tags!

We’re not sure how many volunteers will be on-hand, but we’ll have 3,000 name tags, a few handfuls of black markers, and we’ll be happily gifting any and all takers with a personalized, wearable conversation starter.

We’ll likely start our free name tag distribution on or near the Jardín stairs that face and are kitty-corner to Starbucks. Depending on the strength of the sun, we may seek refuge near those same stairs but in a shady area. Contingent upon the number of volunteers, you might find us at every corner of the Jardín.

If you’d like to help distribute name tags, don’t be shy. Call Eric on his cell phone at 415 111 8898. It’ll be fun! You can volunteer for an hour, for the duration, for a certain number of name tags or for anything in between.

As an added bonus, Friendship Bracelets (string bracelets) will be given out to volunteers not only to show appreciation but also to commemorate ProjectHola’s first annual “wear a name tag” day.

See you in El Jardín on September 3rd! =)

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