On The Horizon: A Friendlier World

On The Horizon: A Friendlier World

On The Horizon: A Friendlier World

Today’s the day! The first annual
ProjectHola! Wear-a-Name-Tag Day!

Participation is easy:
Just wear a name tag… and go about your day.

The name tag will tell the world that you’re approachable. People who would otherwise have passed silently through the periphery of your life will say hello and use your name. New connections, however brief, will be made. Thanks to you, the world will be forever changed.

I’m absolutely certain that you’ll have at least one positive experience today that would not have happened without your name tag. Please, if you have time, share your name-tag-wearing experience either by commenting on this blog post or by writing to me directly at eric@projecthola.com.

And while you’re out spreading the good cheer that is humanity, have someone take your picture! I’d love to be able to share your pictures here on the ProjectHola! website. You are, after all, the front line of our collective hope for a Friendlier World.

Have a fun, happy and rewarding Wear-a-Name-Tag Day!

=) Eric


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One Response to On The Horizon: A Friendlier World

  1. Suzanne says:

    Happy Hola Day! And, of all days, I may never even leave the house. I’ll have to wear my name tag tomorrow. The name tag station is all set up at the Ranch. Maybe if I wear my name tag to the next teapartier meeting I attend they won’t look daggers at me? I’ll just imagine myself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrEk06XXaAw

    Thanks, and I expect to do this every year!

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