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Hola, mi nombre es Roberto

But you can call me Bob.
Highlights from the First Annual
ProjectHola! Wear-a-Name-Tag Day
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Saturday, September 3, 2011
I arrived at the main plaza promptly at 3:00pm carrying my box of name tags, markers and a sign in both Spanish … Continue reading


On The Horizon: A Friendlier World

Today’s the day! The first annual
ProjectHola! Wear-a-Name-Tag Day!
Participation is easy:
Just wear a name tag… and go about your day.
The name tag will tell the world that you’re approachable. People who would otherwise have passed silently through the periphery of your … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Name Tag on September 3rd

5. Your Inner-Anthropologist will be very happy!
Breaking down invisible walls and challenging social norms will be enjoyable – just ask your rebel-within. A day filled with people greeting you by name will renew your faith in humanity.
4. You’ll feel like … Continue reading

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Instant Gratification in as Little as 12 Weeks

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To one degree or another, we all seem to have an addiction to gratification. Instant gratification is not necessarily a bad thing – you simply have to choose your definition of “instant” wisely.
Taking my usual share of … Continue reading


Greetings from Puerto Vallarta!

En route to ProjectHola’s 2011 World Headquarters, tomorrow I go to Guadalajara and on Wednesday, I take a four hour bus ride to San Miguel de Allende. Who wants to join me? =)
Today’s Big News is the announcement of the … Continue reading


Face it, the World Needs YOU!

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Without you, the world cannot change.
Without your voice, others may not hear.
Without your action, some may not find inspiration.
With the unwavering faith of a child, the world is looking to you…
And you are poised to take the … Continue reading


An Email from Dad

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I’ve said this elsewhere, but it bears repeating:
One hallmark of a great parent is his or her willingness to be supportive of the many roads down which a child – of any age – wishes to venture.
Throughout … Continue reading

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Invisible Walls: Protection or Prison?

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While attempting to follow my own advice from last week’s blog post and use my natural superpower, The Smile, I made an important discovery: I could not smile at anyone without first lowering my Invisible Walls.
It was … Continue reading


Happy Mother’s Day!

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To mom, her mother and great-grandma,
To future moms, new moms, past moms,
To step-moms, adoptive moms, foster moms,
To dads filling shoes and mom-like neighbors,
To moms of every type and flavor,
For all the care and all the nurture,
For all … Continue reading

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You. The Superhero.

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Picture yourself as a superhero with the extraordinary power to lift the spirits of those around you.
As that superhero, do you see yourself using your power liberally or sparingly? Would you lift the spirits of only those … Continue reading

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