How To Help

Thanks fo the HelpThank you for taking a moment to see how you can help make ProjectHola! a success! Your assistance is not only appreciated, but very much needed.

The number one, most important way in which you can help is:

On September 1st, just wear a name tag – and go about your day.

Participation on September 1st will support the concept behind ProjectHola! more than any other single action. If you have desire and energy beyond that and would like to help in other ways, here are some suggestions:


  • Join our mailing list and receive two email reminders during the week prior to September 1st.
  • Follow ProjectHola! on Twitter.
  • Like ProjectHola! on Facebook.
  • If you know any of the 11 people on the planet who are still not using Twitter or Facebook, send them a personal email with a link to the ProjectHola! website.
  • Tell two friends about ProjectHola! in person, face to face. Ask those two friends to do the same.
  • Tell your co-workers about ProjectHola!
  • Tell your family about ProjectHola!
  • Comment on any or all of the posts at the ProjectHola! Blog.
  • Create a video based on the concepts behind ProjectHola! and send it to us or let us know where to find it. Perhaps it can be featured in an upcoming blog post.


Spreading the word about ProjectHola! involves quite a bit of administration. The ProjectHola! website requires maintenance. Advertising avenues must be explored and put to use wherever possible. Volunteers must be found and supplies must be purchased for the September 1st host city event. Flyers and posters must be designed and printed. Blog posts must be posted. Tweets must be tweeted. Reminders must be emailed. The list goes on.

  • If you have skills in graphic and/or web design and would like to help in those areas, please let us know.
  • If you have information regarding the best possible prices for name tags and felt markers, do tell.
  • If you’d like to be a “guest blogger” on the ProjectHola! Blog, we’d love to hear your idea.
  • If you’d like to see the ProjectHola! website made available in another language and can help with the translation, let’s make it happen.

Again, our sincere thanks for your interest in helping ProjectHola! be a great success!

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