Hello world!

Read this to me!

Welcome to ProjectHola! It is very nice to see you.

I had planned to launch the website tomorrow, Monday. But today is May 1st, the weather in southern California is gorgeous, and because I created the ProjectHola! Facebook page yesterday, word is already spreading. Hence, an early debut.

The website is not quite finished. I have a list of details that still need to be addressed. Actually, I’m beginning to think that no website is ever truly “ready.” If you run across dead-end links or typos or any other irregularities, please let me know so that I can add them to my inventory of things to do.

In the meantime, let’s start a conversation! I’ll begin…

I believe the world would be a better place if only we extended a bit of neighborly friendship to one another on a daily basis. To that end, I am suggesting that everyone, world-wide, wear a name tag on September 3, 2011. That one simple act will change everyone’s experience – and I think for the better.

I do realize that hoping for participation from all of the nearly 7 billion people on the planet could be deemed wishful thinking. But I firmly believe that optimism is contagious, so I’ve set the goal quite high and await an epidemic.

Please make yourself at home here at the ProjectHola! website. There’s a video that I rather like on the Home page. There is some background information on the About page. If you’re inclined to assist in some way, the How to Help page has many suggestions.

On the Blog, which is where we find ourselves now, I’ll be posting thoughts, ideas and questions every Monday, starting tomorrow. I’d be very grateful if you could join the discussion in some way. You can comment on blog posts, follow ProjectHola! on Twitter, become a fan of ProjectHola! on Facebook.

For now, please accept my warm welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit.

All my very best,

- Eric

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